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13 November 2007 @ 05:46 pm
wishlist, chirstmas 07  
I'm very needy this year, haha. I'm posting this because some people asked if I could, most of it is graphics. Like I said on last years wishlist  [and the year before], if you do get me / make me something, e-mail it to me. e-mail address? outsideLOOKINGin@redwall.net.
sigs & or icons ;;
photo. http://gallery.misstisdale.net/displayimage.php?album=22&pos=1.
text. if you think that you can stop me, you've got to bring it on.
text. miss new booty.
showing. neck to a little past knees.
photo.http://gallery.misstisdale.net/displayimage.php?album=59&pos=29 && http://gallery.misstisdale.net/displayimage.php?album=59&pos=30.
text. THE INSIDER you know you love her.
text. Barbie ain't got nothing on me.
text.outside looking in.
text. can get anything with that evil smile.
text.white girl got skills!.

adding music in a few hours.

frarah on November 27th, 2007 12:24 am (UTC)
How I found you...
I searched Freddie and Sarah related things in the interest section, to find people who may be interested.

So you either have like Freddie or Sarah's names in your interests section, or a movie one of them was in or something like that.