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musicsinme's Journal

♫ when words fail music speaks

Paige-Noel. Call me Noel. Writing. Reading. Fashion. Music. Organization. Movies. TV on DVD. Orange Tic Tacs. Country Music. Photography. Creeks. GOD. Drama. the 20s, 30s, 50s, 80s, and 90s. Taylor Swift. Aly&AJ. Megan Fox. Selena & Demi. Flea Markets. Thrift Stores. Disney. Garage Sales. Vacations. Video Ipod. Animals. Collecting Things. Antiques. Crafts. Doodling. Long Car Drives through The Country. Old Cars. Camaros. Sewing. New Places. New People. Tennessee. Vancouver. LA. Card Games. Video Games. Movie Theaters. Concerts.

Aly&AJ, Selena & Demi, Megan Fox, Supernatural, Veronica Mars, Gossip Girl, Lord of the Rings, Degrassi, Wizards of Waverly Place, Johnny Depp, Reese Witherspoon, Taylor Swift, Sophia Bush, Jared Padelecki, Jensen Ackles, Kingdom Hearts, Final Fantasy, Animes, Harry Potter, Broadway, Twilight, Gilmore Girls, Transformers, Instant Star, Private Practice, Spiderman, Pirates of the Caribbean, Maiara Walsh, Miss Guided, Nancy Drew, Hardy Boys, Paramore, Flyleaf, A Fine Frenzy, Metro Station, Step Up, One Tree Hill, The O.C, Greek, Legend of Zelda, so many more things.